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Asian Beetles

“Asian Beetles” isn’t a rock and roll tribute band from Japan. We’re talking about Harmonia axyridis – an invasive species of insect that is about 1/4 inches long and can have any combination of black and orange coloration. Some people call them ladybugs. Others call them ladybirds. But when they have infested a house, they are universally regarded as a nuisance.

Asian beetles are commonly found on the exteriors of homes, as they prefer congregating on light-colored surfaces throughout autumn. When an Asian beetle finds a crack, hole, or open window, they often go inside to lay as many as 300 eggs. If even a few Asian beetles infiltrate your home, they can cause an aggravating infestation as hatchlings clink against your windows and die en masse in hard-to-reach areas.

If your home is infested with Asian beetles, don’t drive yourself crazy trying to catch them all out of midair with a vacuum cleaner hose. Call Midwest Pest Control instead! We know how to eliminate this invasive pest fast and completely, so you can go back to enjoying a beetle-free home as soon as possible!


Too many eyes. Too many legs. If you have spiders in your house, then you have too many spiders! These arachnids usually pose no threat to humans, but their eerie appearance makes them completely unsuited to be house guests. Some of them do inflict painful bites, however, and the Northern black widow can even cause serious bodily injury.

If you believe your home is infested by spiders, that’s when you should contact Midwest Pest Control! We will inspect the entirety of your home, eradicate the eight-legged menace, and then explain what you can do to prevent future infestations. Our spider control service doesn’t get us a lot of repeat business – but that’s exactly the point!

Common North Dakota, South Dakota, & Minnesota Spider Species
  • Funnel Weaver Spiders
  • Grass Spiders
  • Pirate Spiders
  • Orb-Weaver Spiders
  • Crab Spiders
  • Long-Jawed Spiders
  • Wolf Spiders
  • Daddy Long-Legs

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