Pest Control for Every Pest and Building

“Know thy enemy”

– Sun Tzu

During our decades in business, we have rid every imaginable type of building of pests including homes, restaurants, schools, hotels, retail spaces, assisted living facilities, and much more. A cookie-cutter approach is ineffective in our line of work, so we always tailor our pest control strategy to best fit the project we are asked to undertake.

Regardless of the type of building we service, we have a two-fold goal. The first is to rid that property of the offending animal (or animals) quickly and permanently. The second is to minimize the intrusion our work represents. We have streamlined our pest control services to go as quickly as possible, as well as to pose zero adverse health effects to our clients.

We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity. When you engage Midwest Pest Control, you can rest assured the infestation is as good as gone. We leave every one of our clients with the firm belief that their money was well spent.

Midwest Pest Control is the North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota tri-state area’s premier solution for all types of pest control. Together our service technicians share over 140 years of hands-on experience. We understand the pests we are called to remove and exclude on a regular basis, and that translates to fast, effective service for our wide range of residential and commercial clients.

Types of Pests

We do not specialize. Whether it flies or crawls, has four, six, or eight legs (or more), or is covered in fur or an exoskeleton, you can count on Midwest Pest Control’s considerable expertise in removing it from your home or place of work. We additionally help our clients to prevent future infestations.


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